Discover the facts behind Models Direct.

Models Direct UK Ltd is inviting new model applications for fashion, photographic, tv, film and catalogue modelling.

If you are new to the world of modelling, there is a lot of information out there to read. Some of it can be confusing, some of it is misleading and much of it is simply wrong.

You may have read online about scam modelling agencies. It’s true that there are model agencies whose sole aim is to scam you: to take money with no intention of helping find you modelling work.
A few people have suggested that Models Direct is a scam. We are not scammers. Please read the rest of this page and understand that we’re a legitimate business doing our best for the models on our books, not a scam. Also this page highlights what aspiring models should look out for to avoid scams in the modelling industry, and how to take a direct approach when embarking on a modelling career.

Modelling: the facts

•    The modelling industry is largely unregulated.
•    There are lots of businesses that promise to ‘represent’ models in some way.  Many are legitimate, well-established and trustworthy; others are simply scams.
•    Some scam model agencies claim that you absolutely must pay for an expensive, professional photo shoot in order to get work. This is not true.
•    Some scam model agencies claim that you must attend an expensive course in order to get work. This is not true.
•    Many scam model agencies guarantee you work. No-one can make that promise, since the choice of model lies with clients, not agencies. Modelling is very competitive, and there are no guarantees.
•    Showcase modelling agencies are different from employment agencies. By law, showcase agencies cannot find you work. Only modelling employment agencies can legally find you modelling work.

About Models Direct

•    Models Direct is a modelling employment agency.
•    We are regulated by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), which protects the consumer. BIS makes regular checks and visits to ensure that we meet their legal requirements. Ensuring that Models Direct is not a scam.
•    Models Direct is a genuine, real-world business that has been trading for 20 years – not just a website. We have a full-time team of 20 people working for our models and clients.
•    You are welcome to visit our HQ in Norwich. We’ll even pay half the travel cost of any Models Direct model who wants to visit us.
•    At Models Direct we have helped hundreds of clients to shortlist, select and work with models from around the UK and the world. Many of our clients are household names. See Models Direct clients here.
•    We have helped thousands of models to find work in film, TV, catalogues, fashion, promotions and advertising. Read what our models say about us.
•    We do not guarantee that our models will get work, but we do have a healthy flow of clients coming to us every day, looking for all kinds of models (read client requests here and also the job board). And we promise to put you forward whenever your look is called for.

I hope that this has squashed all Models Direct Scam rumours, Models Direct is a genuine, long-established business and we work hard to connect and promote those models registered with us to business, every day.